It seems that the whole world is in elections. Israel and the US are just two among the many. Generally, the public wants change, but the political will to bring that off seems to be lagging. Here in Israel there has been a 60 plus period of battle between the leftists who want many of the trappings of Judaism but little of the commitment, while all around us here in Jerusalem literally thousands of Israelis are taking on the dress and the commitment to living the disciplined life of the Chassidim, the “righteous ones”.

In other cities like Tel Aviv and Haifa, there is not the same presence of folks dressed in black and white, and attending synagogues faithfully. But here in Jerusalem, one sees droves of people making their way on foot to the nearest place of worship. The government leadership has been both dismal and dangerous because of the compromise and corruption that has marked this administration under the soon-to-be indicted Prime Minister Olmert. It is hard to understand the outrageous decisions that threaten the very existence of the State. When one sits at a table with someone who is planning to kill you, it makes a very weak case when everything is offered to the killer to provide the easiest way to do away with you. And that is exactly what is happening in Israel and the US.

How does one know? By sifting all the information that comes in and seeing patterns that are ominous and inevitable. The Lord does set up kings and brings them down, but the ongoing insanity in government is almost unbearable if one spends just a few minutes a day thinking about it. Here in Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu sits in the opposition, sounding warnings profound and dark. The general public is for his leadership, but the press gives him almost no coverage. But when polls are taken he comes off away ahead in the lead.

The saving grace of the whole matter is that the substitute Prime Minister Livni has not been able to form a coalition, and is mercifully running out of time. This means that there will have to be elections, so that the voting public will be able to express its will over the leadership which has generally ignored the public weal. They have allowed evil expulsions of the best people here, providing nothing for them, and wantonly pursuing them psychologically to try and break their Zionist zeal. However that is not working, and there should be a real political return to the kind of strength that has made Israel famous for resisting catastrophe and devastation.

In the US, the treatment of Sarah Palin, as fresh and capable as she is, is a revelation of
the grim forces at work to completely obliterate values that have made the nation of the US great in many areas of social concern and international generosity. No one calls Russia when they are in trouble!! It seems though, that a completely new political landscape is about to evolve and grab the reigns of power globally.

A new economic system, a new distribution of wealth and vast poverty, is about to paralyze leadership, and wedge them into a block of frightened souls huddling together, hoping against hope that “the more we get together the happier we’ll be!” However, the major “fly in the ointment” is this huge, soulless crowd, who insist on perpetrating acts like the one that happened today. An 86 year old Jewish man was critically wounded here by a terrorist and soon died of his wounds, a couple of days after the Simcha Torah, a joyous festival, had been celebrated.


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