PURIM IS NOW - by Merv Watson

Daily reports roll into cyberspace, announcing the fact that Israel is becoming an anathema again in the minds of countries where the biased news has painted a black picture of Israel's self defence. There is an old expression which says, “That which comes around, goes around.” It means that there is little new under the sun, that history definitely repeats itself.

On March 10th,, 2009, the ancient Feast of Purim will be celebrated. This is a festival which commemorates the time in the distant past, when almost all of the nation of Israel was living within the borders of Persia. As has happened so often in the history of Israel, her existence was threatened by the rulers of that country.
Iran is the present name of Persia, and again, its present ruler is threathening to totally wipe Israel off the map. In the ancient event, there was an influential leader, Haman, whose ego was profoundly insulted when a certain Jew, Mordecai, didn't bow down to him when he rode in the street. By evil manipulation, he convinced the king, Ahasueras, that all the Jews should be destroyed. The present leader of Iran (Persia) has also in this day convinced the leading religious leaders that Israel deserves to be obliterated!

Haman prepared a huge gallows upon which he was going to hang Mordecai, following the destruction of Israel. Achmedijad, the present leader, is preparing a nuclear holocaust for the nation of Israel. Should this occur, it will not only involve Israel, but could well involve numerous other nations in the Middle East area. In the case of the original event, a young, beautiful woman, Esther, volunteered to speak to the King, even though it could mean death to her. The only woman on the scene now, who could try to prevent a holocaust of Israel, is not very beautiful, not very self sacrificing, but she IS Jewish. Her name is Hilary Clinton.

This has to be the height of irony! However, this time the power of the United States is being controlled by someone who has vowed support for Israel, but apparently has made a secret pact with one of Israel's enemies, Saudi Arabia. There presently isn't an Esther, but there has been an election in Israel, which has brought to power a new sympathetic leader, Benjamin Natanyahu. Now for the most ironical touch - his name means “son of my right hand, gift from God!” It will be intriguing to see if this “gift” will turn the tables on those who are seeking the destruction of Israel at this moment of observance of the time when God saved the people of Israel.

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