THE WINDS OF WAR by Merv Watson

There is a very strong sense of an impending attack coming from Iran (and you know who!) Apparently there is a “chess move” afoot where if Israel makes a move to attack the Nuclear setups in Iran, then the 40-50 THOUSAND missiles that are waiting to be deployed by Hezbollah in Lebanon will spring into action. In addition, Hamas, which has been mightily supplied from Egypt, will send missiles over from Gaza. The new

rockets that Syria has sent to Lebanon (supplied by Iran) have a distance capacity of 450 kms which brings them in contact with any city in Israel. There are several tunnels which have been dug under the “good fence” between Israel and Lebanon, which allow for dozens of suicide bombers to enter the north of Israel at short notice. The strongest resistance to such an attack would be the atomic bomb supply currently sitting in Dimona, a small city in the Negev, where many preparations have been going on for the last 25 years.

But as you know, there is some sort of summit going on during which the UN will be asked to have these atomic facilities neutralized by removing all bombs and other supplies out of Israel. The current Iran leader was speaking at the summit and saying how horrible that atomic weapons are, and that all such weapons should be removed from the Middle East!! How coy!!
The exception from removing atomic facilities from the Middle East would, of course, be Iran and its supply of the same type of weapon which will remain in place and unexamined by the AEIA. This suggestion would leave Israel totally vulnerable to attacks from any quarter. There is little doubt that Iran has also prepared a missile launching facility on a freighter or two, since one such ship just docked in Syria, carrying an Iranian flag, but having originated in Russia. I would not be at all surprised that similar attacks are planned for the continent of North America.

At least this is among the statements made recently by a retired US general on an interview on PJTV. Should anything happen to inflame the Islamists, and almost any excuse can be used, then there may be something of a mess in the North American continent. God forbid it!! However the advance of various groups given over to Nihilism, could develop into a serious social conflict.

Pray that the Lord will give those in “charge” some rationale to deal with the problems as they arise. Sorry for the dismal comments, but these are times that serious thought must go into our everyday activities. Thank the Lord for a Canadian Prime Minister like Michael Harper. He must be doing some fine things, because he is constantly being attacked. Pray for him in particular.


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