30602: Jesus the Jewish Theologian Jesus the Jewish Theologian
By Brad H. Young / Hendrickson Publishers

Prophet, madman, Messiah---Jesus was all these things to the people around him. But most importantly, he was a Jew, just like them. Drawing insights and facts from first-century Jewish literature, archaeology, and tradition, Young shows you why understanding Jesus' Jewishness is crucial for interpreting the New Testament and for understanding the nature of our Christian faith. 320 pages, softcover from Hendrickson.
11160X: The Hem of His Garment: Touching the Power in God"s Word The Hem of His Garment: Touching the Power in God's Word
By Dr. John D. Garr / Holy Land Gifts

Dr. Garr provides a comprehensive study of the biblical tallith tradition---the four-cornered garment with tzitziyot (fringes) on each point as a means of calling both wearers and observers to remember the commandments. You'll be amazed at the continuing impact Hebraic dress has upon Jewish people and its importance for our understanding of Jesus.
0423: Our Father Abraham: Jewish Roots of the  Christian Faith Our Father Abraham: Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith
By Marvin R. Wilson / Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.

Although the roots of Christianity run deep into Hebrew soil, many Christians are regrettably uninformed about the rich Hebrew heritage of the church. This volume delineates the link between Judaism and Christianity, between the Old and the New Testament, and calls Christians to reexamine their Hebrew roots so as to effect a more authentically biblical lifestyle.As an introduction to the world of Hebrew thought, Our Father Abraham is biblical, historical, and cultural in nature. At the same time, the writing is personal and passionate, reflecting Marvin Wilson's own spiritual pilgrimage and his extensive dialogue with Jews. The book develops a historical perspective on the Jewish origins of the church, sets forth the importance and nature of Hebrew thought, discusses how the church can become more attuned to the Hebraic mind-set of Scripture, and offers practical suggestions for interaction between Jews and Christians.

The study questions at the end of each chapter enhance the book's usefulness as a text and also make it suitable for Bible-study and discussion groups. All Christians and Jews too will profit from Wilson's sensible treatments of biblical texts, his thorough understanding of both the Christian and the Jewish faith, and his honest historical analysis of the general failure of the Christian church to acknowledge and understand its relation to Judaism.

10326: Everyman"s Talmud The Major Teachings of the Rabbinic Sages Everyman's Talmud The Major Teachings of the Rabbinic Sages
By Abraham Cohen / Random House, Inc

An elegant introduction to the definitive teachings of Judaism. Making the wisdom of the rabbinic sages accessible to scholars, students, and laypeople, Abraham Cohen offers a lucid distillation of dominant Talmudic themes, including God and the universe; the soul and its destiny; prophecy and revelation; physical, moral and social life, law, ethics, the Messiah, the world to come and legends and folk traditions.

Abraham Cohen (1887-1957) was the editor of the Soncino Books of the Bible and participated in the Soncino translation of the Talmud and Midrash.
634055: Meet the Rabbis: Rabbinic Thought and the Teachings of  Jesus Meet the Rabbis: Rabbinic Thought and the Teachings of Jesus
By Brad H. Young / Hendrickson Publishers

Meet the Rabbis explains to the reader how rabbinic thought was relevant to Jesus and the New Testament world, and hence should be relevant to those people today who read the New Testament. In this sense, Rabbinic thought is relevant to every aspect of modern life. Rabbinic literature explores the meaning of living life to its fullest, in right relationship with God and humanity. Brad Young seeks to introduce you reader to the world of Torah learning. It is within this world that the authentic cultural background of Jesus' teachings in ancient Judaism is revealed. Young uses parts of the New Testament, especially the Sermon on the Mount, as a springboard for probing rabbinic method. The book is an introduction to rabbinic thought and literature and has three main sections in its layout: Introduction to Rabbinic Thought, Introduction to Rabbinic Literature, and Meet the Rabbis, a biographical description of influential Rabbis from Talmudic sources.
30491: A History of the Jewish People in the Time of Jesus Christ A History of the Jewish People in the Time of Jesus Christ
By Emil Schurer / Hendrickson Publishers

Now you can own Schurer's original landmark work. This edition gives you extensive essays on the Roman political system and its leaders, Jewish political and religious parties, messianic movements, and pertinent Greek and Jewish literature (including the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha) from the centuries before and after Christ. Five convenient volumes that include the original index (formerly a separate volume). 2144 pages total, hardcovers from Hendrickson.
39324: Dictionary of Ancient Rabbis: Selections from The Jewish Encyclopedia Dictionary of Ancient Rabbis: Selections from The Jewish Encyclopedia
By Edited by Jacob Neusner / Hendrickson Publishers

The Jewish Encyclopedia, the monumental ten-volume resource on all aspects of Judaism, was originally published at the turn of the twentieth century. Introduced and compiled by Jacob Neusner, this book selects every entry from the Jewish Encyclopdia devoted to the rabbis of the Mishnah, Tosefta, and Talmuds. Today's scholars, students, clergy, laity will find this a valuable companion volume to Judaism's classical texts.

Jacob Neusner is Research Professor of Religion and Theology, Bard College and Senior Fellow of the Institute of Advanced Theology at Bard College. He has published more than eight hundred books and innumerable articles, and he is editor of The Dictionary of Judaism in the Biblical Period and the three-volume Encyclopedia of Judaism. He has also served as President of the American Academy of Religion, and was appointed as Member of the National Council on the Humanities and the National Council on the Arts.

03986: Jesus In The Feasts Of Israel Jesus In The Feasts Of Israel
By Richard Booker / Destiny Image

Richard Booker carefully explains how Christ fulfills each revelation and how all Christians can apply to their lives the individual spiritual insights each feast offers. The study is straightforward and easy to follow, offering rich and intriguing insights into this area of Bible history, Discussion questions are included after each chapter.
70975X: Salvation is from the Jews: Role of Judaism in Salvation History from Abraham to the Second Coming Salvation is from the Jews: Role of Judaism in Salvation History from Abraham to the Second Coming
By Roy H. Schoeman / Ignatius Press

This book traces the role of Judaism and the Jewish people in God's plan for the salvation of mankind, from Abraham through the Second Coming, as revealed by the Catholic faith and by a thoughtful examination of history. It will give Christians a deeper understanding of Judaism, both as a religion in itself and as a central component of Christian salvation. To Jews it reveals the incomprehensible importance, nobility and glory that Judaism most truly has. It examines the unique and central role Judaism plays in the destiny of the world. It documents that throughout history attacks on Jews and Judaism have been rooted not in Christianity, but in the most anti-Christian of forces. Areas addressed include: the Messianic prophecies in Jewish scripture; the anti-Christian roots of Nazi anti-Semitism; the links between Nazism and Arab anti-Semitism; the theological insights of major Jewish converts; and the role of the Jews in the Second Coming.
792651: Talit ha Cumi: The Secrets of the Prayer Shawl Talit ha Cumi: The Secrets of the Prayer Shawl
By John Francis / Strang Communications

Bishop John Francis takes you to overlooked passages in God's Word that link the prayer shawl, or "tallit," with the power of God. There's much to learn from this ancient item-it's symbolism and the practice of praying with it, such as how to draw the "atarah" or collar of the shawl over the head, creating a "sanctuary" or "tent", your own personal tabernacle to pray and worship the Lord. Learn this and more ancient Biblical truths that will deepen your prayer life.