Hi there, and God richly bless you folks,

Bill and Gerry here. This morning we were blessed greatly by your music. It reminded me of so many truly special times together and times long before we actually met each other, when we played your music at home and then many times on our radio broadcast in Flin Flon-- way way up north in Manitoba. Of course, it also reminded me of that special time in February of 1974 when you two filled the meetings in Jerusalem with the Holy Spirit when you sang songs that were a tremendous blessing. We are so glad that you have put your music out so that we can all be so greatly blessed!

What special memories this music brings, like your many stories of how some people in Israel who had been in the second world war and who had been totally 'out-of-this-world' since their awful experiences, amazed nurses etc when they shed tears when you poured out the Spirit of God through His music at the home(s) where they were looked after.

I will never forget the times we saw you perform in Israel, Vancouver, Burnaby, Abbotsford; and then actually had the privilege of helping you travel to many places from Israel and bless many people.

Nor will I ever forget the day I was training a man to take over my travel job, as we were driving past your and other "relatives' " homes, and during our prayer time we started praying against any wounds that Merla might be experiencing, especially to a hand that might be harmed. Neither of us totally understood that at the time, but Gerry told me later that she was supposed to go the hospital and spend time helping you as you needed any help. What a time that was, and what an overwhelming blessing God was to all of us as He brought you through a tremendous healing, so that you can now play and record many many more beautiful anointed messages.

All the very best, you two and other special ones in your family. It is a privilege to hold you and all those truly special 'children' and their loved ones in prayer as well.

Bye for now and May God truly Bless you as perhaps He enables you to make lots of songs, or more songs, from Psaml 91. This Psalm has come to us very often as it tells how many weapons that God uses to protect us from the enemy's attempts to destroy us and especially Israel.